The Lafayette College Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is an important means for ensuring the humane treatment of animals and compliance with applicable governmental regulations. 

In particular, the Animal Welfare Act and other applicable state and local laws provide guidance in the use of vertebrate animals for research, educational, and instructional purposes.

Lafayette’s IACUC provides supervision and review of every project that involves the use of vertebrate animals. This Committee includes scientists, non-scientists and members of the public to ensure representation of diverse viewpoints.  The IACUC regularly inspects our animal facilities.  The IACUC reviews all research and instructional project protocols that propose employing animals, and has the responsibility to approve or to require modification of proposed activity involving animals.  It has the authority to prohibit a project’s use of vertebrate animals.  Further information and the form used to submit an IACUC protocol can be found in the Documents and Forms page linked in the sidebar to the right.


Professor James Dearworth, Chair of the IACUC